Claw Vacuum Pumps


Becker Claw vacuum pumps are 100% oil-free and contactless in operation. Two synchronised, counter-rotating, ‘claw-like’ rotors operate completely contact-free for highly efficient operation, reduced energy consumption and low maintenance.

 Becker’s unique air filtration is integrated with either one or two suction filters, depending on the model. Transparent filter covers provide a visual status check without having to open a pump, and above-average filter areas greatly extend service life and reduce maintenance requirements.

Integrated air cooling ensures low operating temperatures and low noise levels are achieved with specially developed insulation. Becker Claw Vacuum pumps are driven by efficient IE3 motors, and models BCV 150 and BCV 300 have an integrated pressure safety valve.










  • 100% Oil-free compression chamber
  • Contactless operation
  • Continuous duty rated
  • Air Cooled
  • Built-in clear cover inlet filters
  • Integrated vacuum relief valve
  • Integrated variable speed drive (optional)
  • Low maintenance
ModelMax. Suction
Air Rate
50 / 60Hz
Max. Vacuum
[mbar abs.]
50 / 60Hz
Max. Vacuum
[mbar rel.]
50 / 60Hz
Max. Motor
Capacity [kW]
50 / 60Hz
BCV 100100 / 12050 / 5012.2-3.0 / 2.2-3.096
BCV 150150 / 180100 / 10013.0-4.0 / 3.0-4.0156
BCV 300275 / 325150 / 15015.5-7.5 / 5.5-7.5257
Data sheets and other technical literature for Becker Vacuum Pumps & Compressors can be downloaded here

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