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Address: 890 Lorem Ipsum Street #12
San Francisco, California 65432

Phone: 123.4567.890

Business Hours: 8a-6:30p M-F, 9a-2p S-S


A wealth of experience in the vacuum industry


Our area sales engineers and management team share a wealth of experience, having worked in the vacuum industry for most of their working lives.
Between us, we have specialists in every field of vacuum, from electronic control of pump speed and air output, to assisting with calculations of flow and pressure at point of use.
Unusual applications aren’t unusual for us. Drawing on our many years of experience in the vacuum field, we can help you solve even the most abstract application, and we’re always willing to provide a pump for test & evaluation purposes.
With Becker as your partner, customer satisfaction is never far away.
Simply fill out the request information tab on the contact page. Giving us brief details of your application, and we’ll be in contact to offer friendly advice, and technical https://www.ncmh.info/valium-diazepam/ help.
If we can’t solve your problem, we’ll tell you who can.



Becker service technicians are all factory trained at our manufacturing plant in Wuppertal, Germany, close to Düsseldorf.
Our service technicians are highly trained and motivated, capable of working on their own initiative, whilst liaising directly with customers, often performing complicated trouble-shooting on site.
Although sometimes, there’s just too much wrong with a pump, to allow an immediate site repair, so, we make this promise. If we can’t fix it when we visit your site, we’ll always leave you with a pump, to keep your machine running.
Send your pump in for a comprehensive repair quotation. We aim to turn a quotation round in 24-hrs, and provided the customer commits to the repair, they get their pump returned, as new and with the Becker no-quibble 6-month repair guarantee, within 5-working days.
For those customers who need something a little different, we offer service-exchange. We get your old pump, and for an automatic 40% discount off our pump prices, you get a brand new pump.
Parts & aftersales:
We operate a busy spare parts department from our headquarters in Hull. All Becker spare parts are genuine manufacturer’s items, straight from our headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany. We offer competitive pricing, same-day, or next day supply of parts, and we have all the technical information to hand to assist in the correct rebuilding of your pump.
Grey market, pattern parts can seriously damage the health of your pump, from filters that don’t filter, to wear parts that wear out your pump, all potentially causing premature pump failure.
Don’t forget, if it doesn’t say Becker on the box, it’s not genuine Becker in the box.





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